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    3 Reasons You Should Transition to the Hosted Private Cloud

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Aug 4, 2017 2:22:53 PM


    Cloud IT is a big deal. Companies are modernizing, employees sometimes work remotely, and instant cross team collaboration is required for companies to succeed. Because of this, everyone is interested in getting their own private cloud.

     You might even be thinking about it too! The benefits are huge – you can save on costs, avoid painful downtime, and increase the efficiency of your IT department with your private cloud.


    The private cloud gives you benefits above and beyond the public cloud. These include added security, fewer outages (remember this?), and more uptime. However, the savings of transitioning to the cloud are bigger than that. Below, we’ve compiled the 3 biggest reasons for businesses to transition over to the hosted private cloud:

    Reason 1:  Save Space

    One of the biggest overhead costs for companies is space. Whether you own or rent, the cost of having a building large enough to fit your employees is high, and only getting higher. Rents are continuing to rise year after year. Now think about it – do you really want to dedicate an entire room to hosting the mess of cables, wires, and equipment that is necessary to create your own private cloud? Save the real estate for your biggest asset – your employees, and leave the cloud infrastructure to us.

    Reason 2: Avoid Downtime

    The next biggest cost for companies? Downtime with their IT servers. Is there anything worse to your bottom line, employee morale, and reputation as a company than consistent downtime with your servers? We don’t think so – that’s why we created CoreSpace in the first place! We’ve written about this before. How much does it really cost for your business to be down? Competition is high and you can’t afford downtime on your systems. It’s one of the biggest problems we see with private servers created in-house. Setting up a private cloud is an incredibly difficult, time consuming, and labor intensive task. Your IT team may not have the bandwidth to set up the cloud, maintain it, and put out the day-to-day fires that come with being an internal IT professional. Let your IT pros handle the internal fires and put companies like CoreSpace in charge of hosting your own private cloud.

    Reason 3: Reduce CAPEX

    Things change quickly in IT. Remember what computers looked like in the 90s? Buying a high-tech server now doesn’t guarantee that it will still be top-of-the line 10, even maybe 5 years from now. Your capital expenditure, or CAPEX for short, is a key factor in the growth of your business. Getting your dedicated servers up and running will cost you thousands of dollars up front, not to mention maintenance and upgrading costs. Save your cash for assets that support your growing business that you can’t outsource, like property or industrial buildings. CoreSpace offers the best managed dedicated server solutions available, and we’ll eat the cost of upgrading them when they’re no longer top-of-the-line.

    The private cloud can have incredible benefits to your company. Whether you’re looking to improve team collaboration, give your employees a little more flexibility, or save on space while improving your IT infrastructure, the cloud is there to help you. However, putting your IT department in charge of creating a private cloud is risky business. Outsourcing your cloud IT is the fastest way for you to get up and running hassle free. Turn your outdated computer server room into additional office space or even a place for your employees to unwind! Leave cloud services to the professionals, like CoreSpace. We’ve been in business for XYZ years and have the expertise and know-how to ramp up your cloud infrastructure quickly. We’ve written about it before - in-house IT infrastructure is more trouble than it's worth. The future of business is in the cloud. Are you going to be part of it?

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