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    Why You Can’t Afford to Not Colocate

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Sep 20, 2017 9:05:00 AM

    Bear with us for a moment while we compare your data center to water. Both are essentials most businesses can’t compete without. Yet, few businesses would trade the cost effective and hassle free existence of being on a public water system for the stress of managing their own septic tank. Instead, we much prefer to pay the experts a small usage fee to deal with the potability of the water, to ensure it gets safely to our faucets and safeguard against any natural disasters that might disrupt its supply.

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    Tags: Colocation, Data Security

    IT Outages, How Much Does It Really Cost for Your Business to be Down?

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Apr 20, 2016 9:22:43 AM

    Could your company afford to be out $8,000 a minute? Ours neither.

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    Tags: Colocation, Data Centers

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