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    If You Have PHI, You Need a BAA

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Apr 20, 2016 10:12:39 AM

    Long gone are the days of simple handshake agreements. Medicine is big business, and a focus on guarding patient privacy means the paperwork will stack up. A business associate agreement (BAA) is one of many parts of total HIPAA compliance, and an essential part at that.

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    Tags: BAA, PHI, ePHI, information security

    Securing ePHI: Choose a HIPAA Compliant Data Center and Safeguard Your Business

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Apr 1, 2016 4:54:56 PM

    Last year one out of every three Americans had their protected health information (PHI) compromised during a healthcare data breach, according to the Hacking of Health Care Records Skyrockets report.

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    Tags: Data Centers, Data Security, ePHI, HIPAA, Technical Info

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