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    Why a Fast Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Cloud is Critical to Your Business

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Mar 1, 2016 2:20:24 PM

    Storing sensitive patient health information in the cloud has great advantages, and great risks. But a huge portion of businesses are moving to the cloud because it’s by far the most efficient and scalable path for businesses to grow without focusing on maintaining a hardware infrastructure. The trick for individuals in the healthcare field is finding a safe, secure and HIPAA compliant cloud service that handles medical information properly.

    Cloud storage isn’t just a trend. In 2014, for the first time, more than half the world’s data workload was processed in the cloud rather than in traditional IT space, according to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index. Cisco predicts that by 2019, 4 out of 5 data center workloads will be process in the cloud. However, the same study also revealed that half of the respondents currently sending sensitive data to the cloud have it stored as “cleartext.” This means it’s eminently hackable, which is a dangerous way to do business. 

    That’s where we come in. CoreSpace knows that healthcare providers, patients, insurance companies and business associates must all have fast access to healthcare data to properly and securely meet the needs of their clients. To satisfy HIPAA requirements and keep your data secure, we encrypt and maintain your patient info so that outsiders can’t read, decipher or access a single file.

    Here’s how we keep you safe with a compliant cloud:

    • Fully Managed 24/7/365 HIPAA trained CoreSupport
    • Fully Managed and Maintained Secure Infrastructure
    • Encrypted and Secure Data Backup Systems
    •     Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
    • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Layer 7 Inspection
    • Advanced Firewalls and System Monitoring
    • Dual Authentication and Multiple Security Layers
    • Load Balancing and  Redundant Failure Protection
    • Physical Security Beyond Those Required
    • High Availability Infrastructure

    The list goes on with additional physical, virtual and personal safeguards we use to maintain and secure your data. With CoreSpace’s compliant cloud, you know your charts, medical images, bills and patient records –no matter how big the file -- are safely accessible to you and your healthcare partners anywhere, anytime. CoreSpace is ready to become your indispensable, trusted and HIPAA-savvy partner.

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