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    Why You Can’t Afford to Not Colocate

    Posted by CoreSpace Admin on Sep 20, 2017 9:05:00 AM


    Bear with us for a moment while we compare your data center to water. Both are essentials most businesses can’t compete without. Yet, few businesses would trade the cost effective and hassle free existence of being on a public water system for the stress of managing their own septic tank. Instead, we much prefer to pay the experts a small usage fee to deal with the potability of the water, to ensure it gets safely to our faucets and safeguard against any natural disasters that might disrupt its supply.

    Very similar in theory to the argument of colocation versus in-house data centers or the hosted private cloud.

    To circumvent drastic and expensive business downtime, many cost-conscious businesses are turning to safe and secure colocation, a practice of housing your server equipment and vital internet-related software in a shared, pre-built space specifically designed to promote continuity and scalability.

    Think of it as the sharing economy for one of you most critical systems.

    Colocation with the right data center partner offers cost-benefits at almost every turn compared with hosting your IT needs in-house or building your own facility.

    How does colocation work?

    Specially designed data center buildings are constructed with the necessary power feeds, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), generators, and advanced systems like cooling, fire suppression and security to store and protect your servers.

    The hardware still belongs to you, but you get a cost advantage of only paying for the space you need, giving you the flexibility to quickly scale up or down depending on the demands while eliminating the need for extra costs like a highly trained IT staff or ongoing maintenance.

    How much does colocation cost?

    While the actual costs will vary based on your company’s individual needs, there are some data center calculators like this one sponsored by intel, that help you get a rough estimate. According to this one, for a new build that would otherwise cost you upwards of $750,000, while a colocation space used to host the same amount of equipment might only run you somewhere close to $250,000.

    How can colocating my data center save me money?

    Having the same level of control over your server equipment without the stress of supporting its continuity and complex systems at a fraction of what it would cost you to build or maintain even a data center are just a few benefits of colocation.

    • Infrastructure - Why spend millions of dollars for the backup generator, complex HVAC cooling systems, and power requirements necessary to run even a small data center when you can house your servers in an environment already equipped to support their most essential functions?
    • Certifications - The SSAE16 Type II, PCI-DSS 3.1, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor are just a small sample of the certifications you need when hosting certain kinds of sensitive customer data. Taking advantage of compliant colocation server environments in reliable locations that already hold these necessary certifications can save your business thousands per year.
    • Security - Protecting the millions of dollars worth of server hardware from theft and natural disaster is one of the many perks offered by expertly engineered colocation centers. Liability ensures they’ll have the most effective, up-to-date security features like biometric screenings built in. Their high tech surveillance systems and on-site staff also offer a level of security most standard office buildings can’t touch.
    • Scalability - Often times, colocation becomes a consideration when rapidly expanding companies and businesses who want to stay ahead of trends like advancing mobile technology recognize they have outgrown the capacity of their current in-house data center. Whether it’s an overload on the building’s power or the launch into a new city, colocation helps you instantly grow and move as fast as your business without any of the upfront costs associated with building out new in-house centers.
    • Maintenance - Just like your home and car, consistent maintenance is needed to keep up with the litany of to-dos an in-house data center requires. From physical infrastructure to UPS batteries to fuel replacement in the generators, upkeep of a data center is full-time job. When colocating your equipment, you free up funds for other essentials like hardware upgrades.

    Finally, colocating allows you and your employees to spend more time and energy focusing on core competencies like running your business, not running your data center. Ultimately, if you're not a company that requires in-house access to a data center, you’re wasting money not letting a colocation center take the reins.

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